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Fresh Fruits

  • Apple - Pinata, Premium

    Apple Pinata has a predominantly red/dull pink blush. These apples are firm, pink-skinned, sugary-sweet flavoured, juicy fruits that are native to Italy. They are a good source of soluble as well as insoluble fibre and vitamins A and C. They contain hig

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  • Pomegranate

    pomegranates can be used to add a lot of bright colour to your fruit salad. After they are procured directly from farmers, they are packed in hygienic conditions so retain their freshness and nutritional value.

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  • Grapes - Green Seedless

    Juicy and snappy, with a beautiful balance of sweet and tart flavour, these grape bunches have a lingering taste. 
    Do not tire yourselves searching for an unspoiled fruit, we have hand picked and finely packed fresho green seedless grapes wh

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  • Plum - Imported (aloo bukhara)

    The sweet and juicy taste of the dark red imported plums is something that you cannot resist. The Fresho imported plums are sweet and sourced from some of the best growers outside the country. However, they are packaged to ensure you get these in the fr Learn More


  • Sapota (chiku)

    Brown skinned sapotas are smooth to grainy textured, musky-scented and deliciously sweet in taste. The flesh generally contains 2-3 large and inedible black seeds. Fresho sapotas are freshly plucked by our farmers and the best quality is delivered to yo Learn More


  • Banana Robusta (kela)

    Relish the soft, buttery texture of Robusta bananas that are light green and have a great fragrance and taste. The stalks of Robustas are thick and rigid. Fresh fruits are green, which revolve to a bright yellow on ripening and the flesh contains a whit Learn More


  • Muskmelon - Honeydew

    The most versatile melon around and aptly named honeydew is both sweet and succulent. Its celery-coloured flesh looks like a green-tinged precious stone. 
    It is a round fruit with a slim reticulated (net-like) cream colored skin. Its tissue Learn More


  • Kiwi - Green

    Kiwis are oval shaped with a brownish outer skin. The flesh is bright green and juicy with tiny, edible black seeds. With its distinct sweet-sour taste and a pleasant smell, it tastes like strawberry and honeydew melon. 

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  • Muskmelon - Striped, Kajari

    Kajari Melon has a distinctive skin texture which is smooth, hard, dark brownish in colour with a distinctive green ribbing. The flesh is light pista coloured and sweet with floral aroma. It has cooling properties and helps in weight loss and is also go Learn More


  • Mosambi - Economy

    Sugary, tangy and juicy, Fresho mosambis are versatile fruits which have yellow skins and are very low in calories. Sweet limes are also rich in many nutrients and can fight many diseases. They are obtained from the most reputed growers and stored caref Learn More


  • Orange - Imported, Regular

    Fresho brings you an assortment of 4 imported oranges, which make for an ideal gift during the festive season or even for making desserts and juices. These imported oranges are much bigger in size as compared to the Indian counterpart. You will notice t

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  • Papaya - Semi Ripe

    Semi ripe papayas have blend of sweet buttery consistency and sour taste. They are half green and half yellow. Ripe papaya have orange flesh and black coloured seeds at the centre.

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  • Grapes - Red Globe

    Ruby-coloured Fresho red globe grapes are uniquely large, round and good quality grapes. They have a crunchy skin, fleshy pulp and a pinkish tinge in colour. The grapes have mild sweetness and taste, but these grapes are not as tangy as flame seedless o Learn More


  • Dates - Kimia, with Seed

    Plump and fibrous, brownish-black coloured oval dates taste like honey and just melt in the mouth. Taiba dates are fleshy which are rich source of iron and a healthy snack.

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  • Coconut - Medium

    Coconut is a very stable fruit. It is a mature fruit of the cocos nucifera palm. The fruit is nearly spherical to oval in shape and measure between 5-10 inches in width. Its rough external husk is light green, and turns gray as the nut grown-up. The hus Learn More


  • Banana - Raw Green

    Green banana is an unripened yellow banana. It is a superior supply of fiber, minerals, and vitamins and contains a starch. It is rich in vitamin B6, C, fiber & potassium. It performs more like a fiber than a starch. The resistant starch in green ba Learn More


  • Dragon Fruit

    Dragon fruits are oval to oblong in shape and size, with pink peel and green scale-like leaves. It is named after its resemblance to dragon scales. White flesh is dotted with black, tiny edible seeds. It has juicy and spongy flesh with sweet flavour and Learn More


  • Apricot - Dried

    Dried apricots contain a strong sweet-sour flavour and are high in fibre. They create an outstanding substitute for clean apricots out of season. A ripe apricot contains a mellow taste, sweet with a hint of acid, but usually not extremely acidic. It is< Learn More


  • Pear - Green, Imported

    Pears are grown throughout the world, but none matches the ideal growing conditions and climate of the Pacific Northwest states of USA – Washington & Oregon. USA Pears are recognized worldwide for their unsurpassed quality. They a Learn More


  • Tender Coconut - Medium

    Tender Coconut is a minimally processed young coconut & is fresh,natural and healthy.Its a pure & tasty energy drink with rich vitamins,minerals,glucose,fructose,proteins.It has high potassium content & contains antioxidants.Other biological Learn More


  • Sun Melon

    A fruit that comes with buttery yellow skin and translucent flesh, Sun melon has a sweet aroma and flavour. When the melon is ripe, its hard rind turns bright yellow.
    Sun melon are oblong with gently blunted ends. The fruit's seeds are sweet< Learn More


  • Pineapple

    With the shape of a pine cone, the fruit is loosely fibrous and juicy with white to yellowish flesh. The edible center part is firm, leathery and sweet.

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  • Papaya - Raw

    Raw green papayas come with a sour taste. Consume the not so pulpy, half-white fleshed fruit to experience amazing health benefits and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

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  • Green Apple

    Granny Smith apples are light green in colour. They are popularly used in many apple dishes, such as apple pie, apple cobbler, apple crisp, and apple cake. They are also commonly eaten raw as table apples. Granny Smith are Learn More


  • Tamarind - Sweet

    Sweet tamarind is bean shaped with brown to clay coloured skin. Flesh inside the pod is tender, succulent and sweet.

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  • Kiwi Dried

    Dried kiwi is pleasing and mouth-watering in taste. It offers you a quick and delicious way to get more fruit in your diet while known that you with dietary health benefits. These fruits are a good resource of vitamin c and hence are well-liked both as Learn More


  • Pineapple Dried

    Dried pineapple is a fast and simple way to like a savor of the tropics with no going to the complexity of peeling and having to refrigerate the fresh fruit. It is ideal as a replacement for processed endearing treats, such as chocolate or candy. < Learn More


  • Guava - Thai

    Large sized, apple green skinned Thai guavas have a white flesh with pale yellow seeds and tend to be drier than the pink guavas. Thai guavas are only mildly sweet and have very little fragrance. 

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  • Mango Dried

    Dried mango is one of the mainly popular dried fruits. Lots of people enjoy the hard taste of dried mangoes. It is a best quality snack that is better than its alternatives, such as candy, cookies, and other definitely harmful foods. It has vitamin A ne Learn More


  • Papaya Dried

    Papaya Dried has a naturally occurring protease enzyme called papain, which is obtainable as a nutritional supplement. These are an excellent source of antioxidants and contain additional beta-carotene than carrots, and more vitamins C. Considerable min Learn More


  • Longan

    The longan (Dragon Eye), is so named because it resembles an eyeball when its fruit is shelled (the black seed shows through the translucent flesh like a pupil/iris). The seed is small, round and hard, and of an enamel-like, lacquered black. In China, i Learn More


  • Mango - Alphonso (Ratnagiri)

    Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes are hailed as the king among the king of fruits as it's the most superior variety with regard to its sweetness and fragrance. They get their unique fragrance from the salty sea breeze and agro-climatic conditions prevailin Learn More


  • Mango - Dasheri

    Grown in different parts of Northern India, Dasheri mango is elongated in shape and with a yellow or greenish colored skin and a sweet yellow pulp. The juicy flesh of this mango is fibreless and is delicious in taste. Product image shown is for represen Learn More


  • Mango - Kesar

    Gir Kesar, due to its cultivation in foothills of Girnar, is irresistably sweet, juicy and delicious. Skin is yellow with a tinge of green on the outside. Pulp is bright orange in colour. It is an early season variety. It is the queen of mangoes.

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  • Mango - Lalbagh, Sindhura

    Popularly known as Rajgira in Karnataka, the soft and juicy fleshed fruit has a distinct appearance with shades of green and red. It is also known as 'Honey Mango' because of its exceptional flavour and sweetness. The term Sindhura came about du Learn More


  • Mango - Langra

    Popularly grown in the Banaras and places situated in the North of India, these mangoes are called Banarasi Langras. With yellowish brown colour flesh that is fiber-less, Langras have a strong smell when it ripens. 

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  • Mango - Raw

    Raw mango is a sweet-smelling fruit which is liked by al for its tart flavor. The colour varies in shades of greens and the inner flesh is white in colour. Its potent health benefits makes totapuri mango puree concentrate - an important food item. It is Learn More


  • Mango - Safeda

    Safeda mangoes are predominantly sweet and slighty sour. They are also called Banganapalli in the South. Skin has a bright yellow hue and these mangoes are large in size and contain less fiber. We source the best banganapalli mangoes directly from the f Learn More


  • Mango - Totapuri

    With a parrot like beak at the fruit tip, greenish yellow skinned Totapuri is a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. It has rich aromatic flavour. 

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  • Peach - Indian

    Indian Peaches are juicy fruits, with spongy skin and sugary flesh. These are rich source of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, minerals and other chemical compounds. A ripe peach contains a sweet, musky scent and a vibrant, sweet taste mi Learn More


  • Avocado

    Avocados are oval shaped fruits with a thick green and a bumpy, leathery outer skin. They have a unique-texture, with a creamy and light green coloured flesh that has a buttery flavour and special aroma. Avocados are also known as an alligator pear or b Learn More




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